Samer Bourjeily



816 x 150 cm

Burnt wood

Samer Bou Rjeily’s works are created using natural – and often distressed – materials, which he upcycles into beautiful functional objects and designs. Untitled is composed of two main elements: a tree trunk and a long wooden plank. The trunk segments are from a pine tree that is over 200 years old which the designer came across in Lebanon after it had been uprooted by an unusually powerful storm. Both the trunk and the plank have been treated with shou sugi ban, an 18th century Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it with fire. Bou Rjeily thus reflects on the duality of one of nature’s most volatile elements: having destroyed numerous forests in Lebanon in recent years, fire is conversely used here to protect and weatherproof wood, ensuring its longevity.

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About the Designer

Samer Bou Rjeily (b. 1994) is an architect and designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Marked by their large scale, his works explore the inherent tension between natural materials and man-made objects. His architectural designs employ wood, marble, and stone, often retrieved from abandoned houses in and around Beirut – in so doing, he reflects on the essence of raw materials, and the life they inject into past and present objects. Bou Rjeily holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Notre Dame university (NDU). He has shown his work in the framework of Beirut Design Fair in 2019, for which he received the Talent Award.

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