Hussein Nassereddine

The Red Castle, As It Occurred


385 cm x 40 cm

Alchemical red ink and limestone

Edition of 4 + 1 AP

The Red Castle, As It Occurred deals with writings and poems that describe the architecture and spatiality of monuments. The slippage between word and image in such poems is mirrored in the imperfect preservation of historic texts. The work departs from a verse of Abbasid poet Al-Mutanabbī, in which he describes the "Red Castle", establishing a connection with a history of architecture description and violence in poetry, while hinting at the subtle transformation of the castle from white to red.


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About the Artist

Hussein Nassereddine (b. 1993) lives and works in Beirut. His work in installation, performance, video and writing originates from a practice around language that builds fragile monuments – some verbal, some sonic, some tactile – rooted in collective histories and resources of poetry, ruins, construction, and image-making. Nassereddine was a fellow in Ashkal Alwan’s Home Workspace program in 2018. In 2020, he published How to see the columns as palm trees, the seventh book in the Kayfa-ta series.

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