Basir Mahmood

Supermarket of Equality (iii)

Inkjet print on museo max

180 x 120 cm

Edition 5 + 2 AP (Artist Proof)

Executed in 2020.


“Supermarket of Equality” broadens the ongoing interest artist have in the idea of equal division of food and other resources. The series of five photographs contemplates a simple looking yet complex universe of a supermarket.

Where formation of goods follows a strict order to be consumed and refilled at the same time. However, within artist’s own conceived supermarket he cuts everything into equal half, attempts to find an absolute balance within his proposed settings and in photographs. The work imagines all the resources available to us in equal portions–which are anyways enough for everyone–only if distributed equally. This work of the artist is only intended to practice his ideology, not necessarily to find its place into the real world.

Artist began exploring ideational concepts surrounding equal division, ever since he started splitting his life and time between two very different parts of the world - Lahore and Amsterdam.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over