Chérine Yazbeck

Second Model of the Beirut Silos – Map A0 2 Maps

Maps designed by Christie Karam 2022-2023

91,5 x 118,5 cm


Grandeur et décadence des silos de Beyrouth.

These intricate reproductions provide a window through which we can witness the evolution of iconic structures across time. Today, we embark on a profound journey, delving into the painstaking crafting of two models of the Beirut port silos. One faithfully mirrors their original grandeur, while the other poignantly captures the aftermath of the catastrophic blast that shook Beirut to its core on August 4, 2020. These meticulously constructed models, painstakingly assembled over the course of a year, offer an emotional visual narrative that encapsulates not only the resilience of a city but also the profound impact of a devastating event.

The first model, a meticulous portrayal of the silos in their original grandeur, serves as a testament to the city’s aspirations and the pivotal role played by the port in Beirut’s history. Every facet, from the iconic cylindrical shape of the silos to the intricate architectural details of the surrounding structures, has been painstakingly resurrected.


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About the Artist

A versatile artist from Beirut, delves into urban exploration photography, inspired by her city’s history of loss and resilience. Born in 1970, she fuses photojournalism with multimedia artistry, exploring themes of city life, destruction, and memory. Beirut is not just her backdrop; it’s a living entity shaping her identity. Chérine Yazbeck’s art transcends traditional photography, encompassing instal- lations and documentaries, offering immersive experiences challenging perceptions. Her work unveils hidden stories, giving voice to the voiceless, documenting Beirut’s triumphs amid adversity. Amidst a world saturated with images, the artist’s authenticity shines, revealing the city’s resilience through her lens. Her art is a testament to the enduring power of creativity, finding beauty amidst chaos.

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