Sibylle Tarazi

Olivia bench

Limestone, Iroko wood, and stainless steel
170 x 37 x 42 cm

As a child, Sibylle Tarazi often visited Deir El Kalaa with her mother – an archaeologist – so became familiar with the site and its various ruins. She was particularly fascinated by a pottery workshop, the baths, the Byzantine church, and an olive press. These memories, and a recent return to the site, prompted the artist to think about how ancient civilizations can just vanish. Tarazi channeled her inspiration to craft a bench, a sculptural, timeless piece that creates a link between the past, the present, and the future; it also retains a playful touch, reminiscent of the lightness of childhood. When making the bench, Tarazi imagined visitors sitting on it beneath the oak tree, surrounded by shattered columns, stones, wildflowers, dried leaves, and acorns. It is a place for contemplating nature and enjoying the present moment; for considering the history of the site and how life there once was; for thinking of the past and remembering loved ones; and also for dreaming of the future. As well as providing a playful element, the shaped stainless-steel handle evokes direction, orientation, and time. For Tarazi, mixing materials is part of the storytelling process. The materials for this bench are all locally sourced, blending with their surroundings and representing the passage of time. Collaboration is a core part of her practice and to bring this vision to life, Tarazi worked with Elia Lucas for the marble sculpting and Elie Morcos for the woodwork


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About the Designer

Sibylle Tarazi (b. 1978) is a Lebanese-Italian product designer and artist based in Beirut. She founded her namesake label in 2017, creating handcrafted pieces produced in partnership with excellent local craftsmen and artisans using recycled materials. Her body of work reflects her eclectic life experiences, and her connection to nature, all the while referencing the passing of time. She studied graphic design and fine arts at the American University of Beirut and earned an MA in accessories design with a focus on jewelry from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. Born to a family of archaeologists, designers, and craftsmen specializing in Middle Eastern art, Tarazi became intimately familiar with different crafts from a very young age. Ultimately, this creative vein and savoir-faire made their way into her own meticulous work. Her pieces have been exhibited in Beirut, Paris, and Milan.

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