Gaïa Fodoulian

Modular bench (Concrete)

Designed in 2014. Produced in 2021.

190 x 88

Unique pieces


Made up of wood and concrete, respectively, these two benches were designed by Gaïa Fodoulian during her time as a graduate student at Istituto Marangoni. They were produced in March 2021 and are exhibited here for the very first time. Modularity lies at the heart of this design, and Gaïa conceived it in a way that both ensures and enhances its versatility. The design can be articulated to put forth different functions, from a bench to a chaise longue to a coffee table to even an art installation. The concept leaves the interpretation of its possibilities to the ingenuity of the users. The production of the works necessitated that a special mold be created in the exact shape and form of Gaïa’s design. As such, the bench can be produced in any given material, including metal, fiberglass, or resin. The possibilities are endless. The production of these two benches is faithful to Gaïa’s original design; the final products’ composition and details follow her sketches and instructions religiously, ensuring the closest possible realization of her vision for this work.  


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About the Designer

Gaïa Fodoulian (b. 1991 – d. 2020) was a Lebanese designer and art gallerist. She completed her undergraduate studies in product design at Atlier Hermès, Geneva, Switzerland in 2013; and in 2015 graduated from Istituto Marangoni’s master’s program in Italian luxury products, Milan, Italy. Returning to her native Lebanon following her studies, Fodoulian collaborated with a Salzburg-based design firm on the upholstering and refurbishment of 1940s furniture, giving new life to forgotten objects. From 2017 to 2019, she was the gallery manager and assistant director of Letitia Gallery in Beirut, working closely on all aspects of the exhibition-making process, from communications and production to installation and exhibition design. In her own design practice, Fodoulian was a strong proponent of using fair trade products; she favored the making of unique pieces over editioned work, and was bold in her use and mixing of different materials in the objects she created. Her passion for design was fueled by the local and international designers she deeply admired, including Zaha Hadid, and Giulio Cappellini. She also liked the work of David/Nicolas, Karen Chekerdjian, and Philippe Stark. AD Leb was Fodoulian’s pilot project, which was violently interrupted following her death in the Beirut port explosion of August 4th. Today, her mother, Annie Vartivarian, is realizing her vision as a tribute to her daughter.

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