Nathalie Khayat

Light Sleeper 138


Variable Dimensions

Unique piece

Stoneware and Porcelain, Raku fired

Through the act of making, the idea of destiny, faith, survival and meaning, the experience of freedom, are questioned and taking shape. There is something about clay, how life is breathed into it; And how firing it becomes a founding act, giving birth, life.   The objects presented here evoke a ritual - the invitation to place and light candles- and what the gesture of igniting a flame carries in terms of ceremony, connection to the self, to the spiritual, or to the community.   It is also a reminder that everyone is the creator of one’s own flame, and how it can spread, shine and radiate.   Light Sleepers - an installation of 210 candle sticks- is a tribute to those who lost their lives on August 4.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Artist

Nathalie Khayat (b.1966) is a ceramist living and working in Beirut, Lebanon. Oscillating between the poetic and the functional, Khayat creates sculptural pieces that range from decorative entities to utilitarian objects. Her deconstructed vessels are in dialogue with the clay from which they are formed – a contemplation, a projection from inner silence to exterior landscapes, from stillness to movement. She has participated in exhibitions at Agial Gallery, Lebanon (2010, 2015); Beirut Art Center, Lebanon (2011); Sursock Museum, Lebanon (2016);  Paris Design Week, France (2014);  Art Dubai, UAE (2014, 2016); PAD London, UK (2013, 2014); and PAD Paris, France (2013, 2014). Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, UK.

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