Rina Jaber

Fragile: A Study on Resilience

Clay sculpture, stoneware, coiled, raku-fired

30 x 30 x 40 cm
Executed in 2018.


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About the Artist

Having lived in Japan for a decade, Rina Jaber’s (b. 1984) work is influenced by Japanese art and aesthetic philosophy. Working primarily across sculpture and ceramics, her pieces convey elusive elements, such as Wabisabi, Yugen, and Shibui. The passage of time is a recurrent theme in her work and is also reflected in her chosen technique: coiling. This hand-building method requires the craftsperson to renounce the potter’s wheel completely, working directly with the clay, building layer upon layer over time. During the modelling process Jaber is aware of and fascinated by the fact that any single stroke or gentle touch will transform the object forever and petrify a moment in time. Jaber’s ceramic works integrate multiple disciplines – including pottery, architecture, and painting – all of which are merged to create unique pieces. The artist is currently based in Beirut.

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