Silat for Culture

Extrusion – Column and Base

Archaeological Installation, powder coated wire mesh on crafted wood
Height 90 cm

Extrusion is an ongoing experimentation project to physically explain ruins in the absence of matter. The base is crafted in Swedish soft wood where the pieces are assembled together vertically and hand carved, thus giving a combination of patterns simulating the conglomerate stone. This Corinthian base respects the Vitruvian modulus where the ratio of the semidiameter of the column corresponds to the height of the base. In order to simulate the column barrel, the wire mesh was rolled and assembled in a cylindrical shape with seamless welding points respecting the dimensions of its square pattern. Powder coating gives it a homogeneous feel, interrupted by the glow of the powder coating microcrystals whenever light strikes it. Wire Mesh helps in revealing the lost architectural volumes of the archaeological monuments after their long taphonomic journey. Thus, creating a dialogue between the subject and the object. Extrusion is a challenging middle ground between the site’s disintegration and its reconstruction. It is a process of reimagining architectural remains through artistic creativity. With this intervention, Ṣilāt invites the wider cultural community to consider creative methods of presenting and responding to incomplete archaeological ruins; yet to simultaneously respect international standards and current philosophical ideas around the interpretation and adaptation of archaeological sites.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Designer

Ṣilāt, “connections” in English, is both our name and a statement of our purpose. 

Ṣilāt thrives to bind communities together by promoting and safeguarding identities, traditions and values through public cultural programs and artistic activities. Thus, bringing forth new sustainable cultural opportunities to local communities as well as bringing communities closer to their culture.

At Ṣilāt, we believe in the strategic and transformative role of Culture in the socio-economic and human development of societies. Thus, one of our goals is to empower our communities in reconnecting with their cultural heritage through arts, culture and creative industries.