Ever New Idle Eyes

Mixed media with sound piece
Dimensions variable

You melt into the gray of distance like instant milk, like everything else. I cannot separate your voice from the chirping and the hissing. Stand still for one second while I trace your field of vision onto the earth. This is a fine clearing. For my eyes to rest.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Designer

Born into a family of architects, Elias (b. 1984) and Yousef (b. 1988) Anastas hold an MA in architecture from Paris Val de Seine Paris, where they both worked upon graduation. Elias returned to Bethlehem after winning a competition for a music conservatory, while Yousef continued his studies, completing an MS in structural engineering from Les Ponts et Chaussées. Together, they founded Local Industries in 2012, a community of artisans and designers dedicated to industrial furniture-making. In 2016, they went on to found SCALES, a research department that is constantly enhanced by linking scales that are usually opposed. Their studio’s work brings together architecture practices, furniture making, research projects and cultural initiatives. Recent projects include All Purpose, an installation for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale; Radio AlHara, a community-based online radio; the Hebron Courthouse Project; and Stonematters, an experimental research project into the possibilities of stone-use in contemporary architecture. They are about to launch the Wonder Cabinet in Bethlehem, a cultural initiative that aims to provide a production platform, bringing together artisans and artists.