Samer Bourjeily

Basalt, Versus collection

470 x 60 x 75 cm

Versus is an ongoing project which consists of a collection of objects – unique, one-off pieces – that explores relationships between human-made surfaces versus nature-made ones. Bou Rjeily developed the idea for this collection after years of collecting rare slabs and blocks found at marble suppliers all over Lebanon. He would take each slab at a time, driven by a compulsion to work it out. In particular, he would try to look for the collaborative relationship between the natural beauty of these slabs and the craftsmanship skills of the humans handling them. For the artist, there is an intrigue around found pieces that cannot be reproduced, a texture of time and a proportion of hazard. In locations where production happens, he is variously inspired by an object’s shape, size, and feel.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Designer

Samer Bou Rjeily (b. 1994) is an architect and designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. Marked by their large scale, his works explore the inherent tension between natural materials and man-made objects. His architectural designs employ wood, marble, and stone, often retrieved from abandoned houses in and around Beirut – in so doing, he reflects on the essence of raw materials, and the life they inject into past and present objects. Bou Rjeily holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Notre Dame university (NDU). He has shown his work in the framework of Beirut Design Fair in 2019, for which he received the Talent Award.

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