Karen Chekerdjian

Adam’s box 2

Sand mix, handmade in Lebanon
Unlimited series
175 x 55 x 39.5 cm


Made with Opus Magnum

Totem, Infinity table and Adam's box 2 are part of an ongoing project by designer Karen Chekerdjian. Three basic geometric shapes are stacked to create a final composition – in this way, each work is simultaneously a single piece and multiple pieces. The three shapes are the starting point which set the rule for the design. No further embellishment or decoration is permitted. The works represent a search for balance between emptiness and fullness, an exploration of proportion between heaviness and weightlessness. The object emerges suddenly out of intuition. From stone and sand, it bursts into a final form. Like archaeological remains, it seeks to remind the viewer how it was made, and from what; you will forget its function, and perceive only its essence. Amongst the ruins of Deir El Kalaa, Chekerdjian’s works prompt us to remember that everything and everyone passes away – only time keeps moving.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Designer

Karen Chekerdjian (b. 1970) is a designer based in Beirut. She holds an MA in Industrial Design from Domus Academy, Milan. During her time in Milan, she worked closely with Massimo Morozzi, founding member of Archizoom, and produced her first piece, Mobil, which was fabricated and distributed by Edra. She moved back to her native city of Beirut in 2001 and founded her eponymous design studio through which she constantly challenges the limits of design. Chekerdjian has shown her work globally, including at Institut du monde Arabe, Paris (2016), Galerie Dutko, Paris (2016), and Design Miami/, Basel and Miami (2015).

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