Chérine Yazbeck

21 Je suis mort ce jour-là

The footprint of construction boots unequivo- cally suggests the involvement of a silo dock worker, shedding a beam of evidence on this complex and mysterious case.

42 x 28cm

On black foam

Edition: 1 / 3


A Forensic Photography Installation.

Je suis mort ce jour-là is an installation that enables the preservation of the crime scene, effectively freezing it in time. The forensic photography installation recreates the essence of a specific time and place, invoking a potent sense of curiosity and mystique that compels viewers to plunge into the narrative’s depths. The installation meticulously reconstructs the ambiance of a crime scene beneath the towering southern silos. Featuring 21 meticulously captured color photographs and six textile panels, this installation is not merely an artwork; it is a profound journey into the realm of criminal investigation, shedding light on the intricate web of events surrounding a devastating port explosion.


This item will be delivered after the exhibition is over
About the Artist

A versatile artist from Beirut, delves into urban exploration photography, inspired by her city’s history of loss and resilience. Born in 1970, she fuses photojournalism with multimedia artistry, exploring themes of city life, destruction, and memory. Beirut is not just her backdrop; it’s a living entity shaping her identity. Chérine Yazbeck’s art transcends traditional photography, encompassing instal- lations and documentaries, offering immersive experiences challenging perceptions. Her work unveils hidden stories, giving voice to the voiceless, documenting Beirut’s triumphs amid adversity. Amidst a world saturated with images, the artist’s authenticity shines, revealing the city’s resilience through her lens. Her art is a testament to the enduring power of creativity, finding beauty amidst chaos.

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