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Exibart December 27, 2021

In Libano, un sito archeologico ospita una mostra d’arte contemporanea

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The National News December 27, 2021

Lebanon art show at Beit Meri’s Roman ruins portrays tragedy in a delicate way

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L’Orient Le Jour December 27, 2021

Perdus dans la bonne direction à Deir el-Qalaa, entre vestiges et créations artistiques…

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Lebtivity December 27, 2021

Lost in the Right Direction – Pop-up Exhibition at ancient Beit Meri Archeological Site

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Ici Beyrouth December 27, 2021

La galerie pop-up AD Leb accueille une exposition en plein air sur un site archéologique ancien

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NOURSAT December 27, 2021

تستضيف معرض “توهان في المسار الصحيح ” في موقع دير القلعة – بيت مري LEB AD منصة المعارض المنبثقة

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Floornature July 1, 2021

Everyone is the creator of one’s own faith exhibition by AD Leb in Beirut

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Get World News July 1, 2021

“Everyone is The Creator of One’s Own Faith”: An Exhibition In Memory of Gaïa Fodoulian

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Arte & Lusso July 1, 2021

Beirut Art Scene in Full Bloom: 5 Must-See Art Shows

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L’Orient Le Jour July 1, 2021

Quand Samer Bou Rjeily redonne vie à l’arbre mort…

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Arab News April 24, 2021

AD Leb: Une galeriste relance le projet artistique de sa fille tuée à Beyrouth

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Al Jazeera April 24, 2021

Mother continues daughter’s art after losing her to Beirut blas

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