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Gilbert Debs & Claudia Chahine

Having collaborated for the past twenty years, Gilbert Debs and Claudia
Chahine share an experimental approach, a passion for the beautiful and
inventive, a desire to preserve nature and the environment – as evidenced
by past works Agoni and Tuvalu – and a commitment to the handmade.
They constantly navigate the boundaries between the brain and the body,
the possible and the impossible, pushing the limits of their craft. From their workshop, they pursue purity, undertaking all stages from the design concept through to the finished product. Whilst Debs brings ingenuity in the search for materials and the invention of new processes, Chahine shapes the spirit of their creative studio through design, rigor, and precision in her artistic choices. They have worked together on furniture, products, and art installations, and have additionally collaborated with other designers, lending their professional expertise both in executing design projects and researching materials.


4 December, 2021 to 9 January, 2022

Lost In The Right Direction

Lost in the right direction is the second exhibition from AD Leb, a cultural space and digital platform dedicated to supporting cultural and artistic production in Lebanon and the surrounding region. Contemporary works by established and emerging artists, designers and artisans are displayed at an archaeological site in the mountains east of Beirut in a rare, public outdoor exhibition. Explore


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In Libano, un sito archeologico ospita una mostra d’arte contemporanea

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Lebanon art show at Beit Meri’s Roman ruins portrays tragedy in a delicate way

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Perdus dans la bonne direction à Deir el-Qalaa, entre vestiges et créations artistiques…

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