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Mohamad Kanaan

Mohamad Kanaan (b. 1989) is an artist living and working in Beirut. He holds an MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and BA in Architecture from the American University of Beirut where he currently teaches. His practice is steered by research-led explorations into religion, sexuality, and spirituality. What is it like to be a body that is often situated on the periphery of two realities? This question is the starting point of Kanaan’s practice, with each work acting as a piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation, oscillating between opposing spheres: the physical and digital, the personal and political, the micro and macro. Kanaan was a resident at Gapado Artist Residency in South Korea (2019); Casa Wabi in Mexico (2017); and Beirut Artist Residency, Lebanon (2017). His work has been exhibited in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, South Korea, Lebanon, and the US.


4 December, 2021 to 9 January, 2022

Lost In The Right Direction

Lost in the right direction is the second exhibition from AD Leb, a cultural space and digital platform dedicated to supporting cultural and artistic production in Lebanon and the surrounding region. Contemporary works by established and emerging artists, designers and artisans are displayed at an archaeological site in the mountains east of Beirut in a rare, public outdoor exhibition. Explore


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In Libano, un sito archeologico ospita una mostra d’arte contemporanea

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Lebanon art show at Beit Meri’s Roman ruins portrays tragedy in a delicate way

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L’Orient Le Jour December 27, 2021

Perdus dans la bonne direction à Deir el-Qalaa, entre vestiges et créations artistiques…

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